What To Do When You're Injured: Tips To Strengthen Your Case

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is devastating and instantly affects your daily life - your hours become consumed with doctors appointments and seeking medical treatment and legal representation. 

While an experienced attorney is working hard on building your case, there are many things that you can do as well to strengthen your personal injury case. 

Be sure to follow this guide on what to do and what not to do when injured while in the process of obtaining the justice you deserve: 

What To Do:

  • Seek prompt medical attention; don't just wait to see if you 'feel better or the pain goes away
  • Schedule and keep all doctor appointments and visits related to your medical treatment. By not visiting a doctor, insurance companies might understand this as your injuries not being significant
  • Document all bodily injuries with a camera; also be sure to keep a daily journal noting your level/type of pain and how you feel on a daily basis
  • Photograph any damage to your vehicle; be sure to capture your car from several different angles to detail all of the damage
  • If you or an acquaintance photographed or videotaped the accident, be sure to obtain a copy of the film and show it to your attorney
  • In medical malpractice or dangerous drug cases, save all related items including: pharmacy receipts, pill bottles, braces and casts
  • Save all receipts for all expenses that you incur as a result of your accident. Make sure that the receipts are dated and legible
  • Report any changes in your job, job duties or salary to your attorney
  • Inform your attorney of any changes in your physical address or phone number
  • Tell your attorney about any changes or new information that may impact your case, such as: changes in medication, extensive hospitalization or medical treatment

What Not To Do:

  • Do not discuss or share details about your accident, either written or orally, to anyone without proper review and approval from your attorney
  • Do not comment on or share details about your injuries on public social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
  • Do not alert your doctor to any prior accidents or injuries if you are not entirely sure of them
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