Green Spring Cleaning In Maine: Eco-Friendly Ways To Freshen Your Home

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes, and Mainers can’t wait. As we bid farewell to snow and ice, we happily welcome sunshine and the first blooms.

With warmer weather and fresh seasons come a variety of housekeeping and maintenance checklists. After being in winter mode for so long, our homes are in need of some sprucing up. Spring symbolizes new beginnings and change, both seasonally and personally. Why not try something different this year while doing something simple - such as cleaning your home?

As we all begin the annual event of spring cleaning, the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein would like to encourage Mainers to try out these safe, environmentally-conscious cleaning tips:

Use non-toxic cleaning products:

While getting rid of dust and dirt in your home, it is important to not add unnecessary chemicals and toxins in the process. Cleaning can be very hazardous to your health and to the environment as many household cleaning solvents include chemicals such as: alcohol, ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde, lye and others.

Some of the safest, greenest cleaning materials are the ones you make yourself. Try substituting ordinary cleaning supplies with these DIY eco-friendly recipes:

Glass Cleaner                                                   All Purpose Cleaner
1/2 tsp washing soda                                      1 cup distilled white vinegar
2 cups water                                                      1/2 tsp liquid Castille soap
2 cups hot water                                                1/2 tsp dish soap
10-15 drops essential oil                                10-15 drops essential oil
Spray bottle                                                         Spray bottle                                                

Furniture/Stainless Steel Polish                  Air Deodorizer
2 cups oil (vegetable or olive)                        1 tsp baking soda
1 squeezed lemon                                           1 tsp vinegar
15 drops of lemon essential oil                     2 cups water and spray bottle

If you are interested in purchasing ready-made, non-toxic cleaning kits and products, please visit: for more information.


Make your own cleaning rags:

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Supplement ordinary wipes with old t-shirts, towels and sheets. Old garments, great for dusting and buffing, are a smart alternative to paper towels. Remember to be conservative with your cleaning supplies and only use as much as you really need.


Give your dryer a break:

Installing a clothesline outside or in your basement is a great way to conserve energy and reduce your electrical bills at the same time. On average, a clothes dryer results in 2 kg of greenhouse gas emissions per load. By using clotheslines instead of dryers, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, smog, acid rain, mercury pollution, and acid waste.

If you are unable to install a clothesline, you can instead purchase a wooden drying rack for drying your clothes indoors.


Take advantage of air-purifying plants:

Because we spend so much time in our homes, indoor air quality is very important. Houseplants not only beautify our living spaces, they also help reduce pollutants and filter hazardous toxins in the air.

NASA conducted a study to determine the best air-cleaning houseplants. According to their research, the following plants are among the most effective in counteracting chemicals in the air and improving balanced internal humidity: Areca palm, Lady palm, Boston fern, Bamboo palm, Rubber plant, English ivy, Peace lily, Dwarf date palm, Weeping fig, Ficus alii, Dracaena, Chinese evergreen.

For more useful tips on eco-friendly housecleaning, please visit the Home Safety Council’s website:

This spring, the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein encourages you to go green by trying out some of the aforementioned environmentally-safe ideas. By following these simple steps, we can all work towards making our homes, our beautiful state of Maine and the rest of the planet cleaner and safer for all.

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