'North Woods Law' Documents Maine Game Wardens

Last week, Animal Planed premiered the second season of North Woods Law, a television show that follows the elite Game Warden Service in Maine. The program, which debuted last year, documents our home state's game wardens as they go about their eventful and often dangerous daily lives.

The Maine Warden Service consists of approximately 95 armed field officers who are trained at our state's police academy as well as a warden academy. In collaboration with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, these officers establish and enforce laws relating to hunting and fishing.    

Night and day, the Wardens of Maine are on call, patrolling more than 18 million acres of terrain filled with wild animals, and often risking their live to protect and serve the public.

Filmed entirely in Maine, the series is produced by Engel Entertainment, a production company that has filmed documentaries for the Discovery, Travel and History channels. The current second season of the show features 10 new episodes that will air into April, and follows officers as they track bears, perform search and rescue missions and navigate our state's hunting season.

North Woods Law, which gained an impressive following during its first season, offers a straightforward look at the lives of game wardens and has educated others on the important work that these offiers do. 

Interested in learning more about the jobs and responsibilites of Maine's game wardens? Tune into North Woods Law - Thursdays at 9pm on the Animal Planet channel.