Pine Tree Legal Assistance Supported by Joe Bornstein

The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein is proud to join Pine Tree Legal Assistance in their 45th Anniversary celebration. To honor this tremendous milestone, Portland's Time & Temperature Building will display "PTLA" "ORG" for one week. 

Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a dedicated non-profit organization that works tirelessly to help provide free, civil legal assistance to Mainers with low income. They have offices in Augusta, Bangor, Lewiston, Machias, Portland and Presque Isle.

Pine Tree Legal's mission is "to ensure that state and federal laws affecting poor people are enforced while also addressing the systemic barriers to justice that low-income Mainers face. We are committed to to ensuring that all Mainers have access to justice."  

Our law firm is proud to celebrate Pine Tree Legal Assistance and honor the important work they do within our communities. Cheers to 45 years!