"Move Over, Maine," Instructs State Police


When approaching police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks or other vehicles with flashing lights in the breakdown lane, drivers are required by law to:

  • slow down to a reasonable speed
  • if possible, move into the passing lane

In an effort to keep emergency responders and other motorists safe at the scene of an accident, Maine State Police are ramping up enforcement of the highway ‘Move Over’ law, first introduced in 2001.

The imposed fine for not obeying this law is a minimum of $311 per violation.

As part of the enforcement initiative, state troopers who are stopped in the breakdown lane with a motorist will monitor passing traffic and issue warnings as needed. According to State police Col. Patrick Fleming, since 2003, 16 state police cruisers have been struck by motorists while parked beside the road.

At the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, we see firsthand the results and devastation of car accidents, and strongly support the ‘Move Over’ law. This important law not only protects police officers who risk their lives protecting the public, it also promotes the safety of other drivers.

We encourage our fellow Mainers to ‘move over’ when necessary. Together, we can help make our state’s roads a safer place for all.

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